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Image by thomas heintz
Hi there, I'm Keirsten  |  Visual Artist • Illustrator • Designer

Keirsten is a multi-disciplinary artist from New York, NY and is currently based in Nashville.  Her passion is for visual storytelling through digitally hand-painted illustrations, Murals and Graphic/Web Design.  Her work has been featured in Apartment Therapy, displayed in businesses across the country, and even graced the covers of various music albums. Keirsten is a poetic architect.  Her illustrations awaken your curiosity with their free yet sophisticated rhythm of playful lines and color.  Her art inspires a sense of wonder and reminds us to find joy in the day-to-day. 

“When you look at my art I hope you discover places and faces that feel familiar; that you find yourself
to be an active participant in the story I’m telling.”
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"I've commissioned a few pieces from Keirsten and am always blown away by how creative, unique, and beautiful they are. They captured the exact essence that I had in mind and made for very fun project logos! Keirsten is an attentive listener and collaborator, and I highly recommend working with her."

Tallie G | Singer-Songwriter + Cellist

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