"Fiercely following what makes you come alive is where your magic resides." _me

For as long as I can remember, art was my frame of mind and the world was my toolbox. I grew up in a small town doodling pictures and dancing my fingers across piano keys.  And when it came time to stretch my canvas, I moved to New York City, an endless source of inspiration, where I now live and work as a visual artist and songwriter.

My art is influenced by people, fashion, photography, architecture, travel and food; all the things that make my heart skip a beat or two.  For me, it's less about pretty pictures and more about telling a story.  I began with ink on paper but have moved almost exclusively to digital drawing on my iPad Pro.  Recently, I've added another layer to my narrative through animation.

I often listen to music while I illustrate.  Music inspires my art and vice versa.  There's so much freedom in allowing my imagination to steer me towards either form.  My hope is that you'll hear the rhythm within each line and see the color of every note that was played while I etched a story on white.

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Nashville Voyager: Rising Star, Keirsten 

Apartment Therapy: A Songwriter's Cute Nashville Rental Apartment

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